Fire Team K9’s welcome Captain and Carlos to the SDiT program!

January 11, 2022
On April 9th in Kelowna BC at Red Door Doodles owned by Colleen Shonwise, Mr. Gray and Mr. Green were chosen for placement with Fire Team K9’s.
Following the weekly activities of these young pups, Colleen guided them through several courses and tests, until reaching the ultimate goal. A plane ride to Ottawa, Ontario.
The search began to find loving flight nannies for our precious puppies, who were named Captain and Carlos. Mr Gord Beardsley and his lovely wife Julia so graciously stepped up for that role. On June 3rd, they embarked on the long journey to meet us. Report has it that the two little troopers were amazing on the flight. Eagerly awaiting Captain and Carlos were their ground nannies, Jen and Tiah, along with Foster Mom Deb. Hellos, tears and goodbyes all happened in a short amount of time.
Captain and Carlos began life in Petawawa at their foster mom Deb’s house along with big sissy Briar and Big brother Loki. Once here they quickly began familiarizing themselves with their new surroundings. Foster mom was quite amazed that both settled within days.
Already fitted with vests these two little guys have reported to K-9 HQ to start training. We invite you to follow their story here on Fire Team K-9’s Facebook and Instagram pages. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as we do.
From all the staff and Foster family members at Fire Team K-9’s, we welcome you Captain and Carlos.

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