Liability Waiver

I, the Releasing Party and the undersigned, have enrolled myself and/or my dog in Daycare, Training, Private Consultations, workshops or other related activities offered by FIRE TEAM K 9’s Inc., The Released Party. By signing hereunder, I certify that I have been informed and understand that there is always some unavoidable risk of injury involved when working with animals, especially animals with behavioral issues. I acknowledge that dogs can be inherently difficult to control and that not all dogs will always be under control, resulting in the possibility of injury to myself, my dog, my family members, or third parties. Additionally, I have had full opportunity to discuss all concerns I have about the foregoing risks with FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. and its authorized representatives. I have also made all inquiries and investigations to my satisfaction related to such risks, including, but not limited to, an examination of the daycare and training area (if applicable). I hereby accept and assume, without reservation, all risks associated with my dog’s and/or my own participation in the Daycare, Training, or other activities, including, but not limited to: the risks of any and all injuries to myself, my dog and any of my family members or third parties who may attend; the risks that my dog may cause injury to other persons and/or dogs while taking part in Services offered by FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. As lawful consideration for participating in any Services offered by FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc., I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns, hereby waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. and their members, managers, agents, and employees from any and all injuries, losses, claims and damages to any person or persons of any nature whatsoever, including claims arising from the Released Party’s own negligence, and all costs associated therewith, including attorney’s fees, court costs and consultant fees, arising from my participation in the Services of FIRE TEAM K-9’s Inc. This Waiver of Liability & Informed Consent Release shall be legally binding on the Releasing Party. Should the Releasing Party assert a claim to the contrary to what has been agreed to in this Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release, the claiming party shall be liable for all expenses (including attorney’s fees, court costs and consultant fees) incurred by both the Releasing Party and the Released Party. No waiver or modification of any provision herein shall be valid unless expressly agreed to in writing by both the parties. Every provision herein is intended to be severable. If any one or more of the provisions herein is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that shall not affect the other terms and provisions, which shall remain binding and enforceable.

Media Release

I hereby authorize any images or video footage taken of myself, the youth (under 18 years of age) named below, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images and video footage, to be displayed on the Fire Team K-9's Inc. website and other official channels, and to be used for media purposes including promotional presentations and marketing campaigns. I also authorize the display and use of any media material created by myself and/or the youth stated below, within Fire Team K-9's Inc. services. I waive rights to privacy and compensation, which I may have in connection with such use of my own and/or the youth’s name and likeness, including rights to the written copy that may be created in connection with video production, editing and promotion therewith. I am over 19 years-of-age, and the parent or legal guardian of the youth (if applicable), and I have read, understand and agree to this waiver and its content.
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