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Grooming doesn’t have to be terrifying. The goal of Fear Free Grooming is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve an animal’s emotional wellbeing their visit. This is achieved through positive reinforcement training, unique tools and methods and an environment made for success.


Our salon was built specifically for Fear Free Grooming practices, with wider spacing between grooming stations, low rise tables that reach the floor, independent entry tubs, and padded floor level grooming stations.


Our Grooming and Training staff work together closely to ensure consistency across all departments. You can be sure that the Fear Free training your dog experiences in Grooming fits seamlessly with both Training and Daycare. Consistency and repetition is vital for success!

Why Fear Free?

Many dogs have had wonderful, relaxed introductions and in-depth training to grooming, veterinary visits and handling by strangers. Some dogs missed receiving this training, and still others have had a more difficult start; experiencing fear, pain or stress during these visits.

All dogs require care and maintenance throughout their lives; why not make it stress-free?

Through a combination of experience and learned behaviours, some dogs perceive grooming the same way a human who is afraid of heights would perceive being forced into skydiving. With time, patience, and unique, proven training methods it is possible to overcome a fear. Over time we typically see dogs who are fearful of the grooming process transform into dogs who are happy to be groomed.

Dogs who are introduced to Fear Free methods from the start are typically relaxed (or even happy!) about their salon visit.


Fear Free Grooming may include activities not typically seen in a grooming salon including a variety of treats, or unique equipment like “ear muffs” to reduce the noise, gentle dryers, or padded mats for the table or floor, non-slip surfaces, music, relaxing scents, positive reinforcement training, low rise tables and tubs for independent entry, restraint-free grooming, and alternative grooming positions (like laying on their side).


Fear Free appointments are given more time to ensure we can take potty and play breaks, snuggle, linger in the tub for a warm massage, or just take a nap. All dogs (particularly older pups and young puppies!) appreciate a more relaxed and less rushed appointment.


Your pup’s care is a partnership between our professional staff and yourself. For that reason it is vital for us to keep in touch, chat about you dog’s progress, demonstrate what we’re doing and celebrate your dog’s success! You can expect to be able to chat with your Groomer about you dog’s achievements and care plan before and after your visit.

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