FTK9 Service Dog teams enjoyed exploring the Champlain Trail Museum and Pioneer Village recently. The indoor and outdoor exhibits provided new sensory experiences for our pups. Thank you to our friends at the museum for providing an invaluable new training experience for our Teams. We look forward to returning again! #woundedwarriorscanada #inthistogether #veteranssupportingveterans

Our Service Dogs had a wonderful opportunity to learn about motorcycles during training class today, in the safe and familiar environment of K9 Headquarters. Service Dogs must be calm, focused and confident, even in the presence of loud noises. Controlled introductions like this help ensure our SDs are well prepared for anything they may encounter...

A fire team is 2 soldiers working together. Fire Team partners depend on each other. For many veterans a service dog is like having a fire team partner. Our service dogs and handlers work together as a team. PTSD service dogs are trained to perform special tasks such as sorrow and nightmare interruption. Service dogs...
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