Fire Team K-9's Facility Dogs

Fire Team K-9’s Inc. is a non profit corporation that trains and provides Service Dogs to military veterans, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers. FTK-9 Facility Dogs are a division of FTK9 Inc.

Facility Dogs are working dogs with the training and skills to help more than one person.  These highly trained dogs are paired with a specially trained Primary Handler and work in professional settings like schools, court rooms, medical settings or rehabilitation programs. Facility Dogs provide goal-directed interventions which promote improvement in physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities. 

Like Service Dogs, Facility dogs are trained with specific tasks for their work. Unlike Service Dogs that serve one person, professionally trained Facility Dogs work with a Handler to serve multiple people. 

Facility Dogs may be skilled at physical mobility tasks, anxiety and sorrow interruption, cognitive development skills, Play Assisted Therapy, physical rehabilitation tasks, and much more. 

Our Facility Dogs begin with the same high training standard our Service Dogs receive before focusing on skills tailored for the work they will do. 

In Canada there are currently very few laws governing the training, certification, labeling, or public sale of vests and identification patches for Service Dogs and Facility Dogs. Fire Team K-9’s supports Canada’s current federal initiative to create training and certification standards for Service Dog and Facility Dogs. FTK-9’s Facility Dog Program is designed to meet or exceed existing Canadian Facility Dog training programs, and our Facility Dogs trained to the advanced level skills required for Animal Assisted Play Therapy, scent-based stress responses, physical rehabilitation skills and advanced social skills.

Our Handlers and our Facility Dogs pass extensive evaluations by trained Instructors to ensure vulnerable clients receive safe and effective services. 

Our dogs are Fostered in family environments, trained alongside our Handlers, Instructors and Service Dog candidates, and they are handled by certified Handlers and Instructors in public. All our pups are cared for by our Veterinary partners and receive regular health checks and vaccinations.

Treatment Programs
Support services in Family Court
Long-term care facilities
Palliative care facilities
Rehabilitation programs
Home Front Support programs
Colleges and Universities
Workplaces and employee support programs
FTK9 is a non-profit organization

Highly Trained Working Dogs

Our Handlers and our Therapy dogs pass extensive evaluations by trained Instructors to ensure vulnerable clients receive safe and effective services. Our dogs are Fostered in family environments, trained in our Service Dog training program, and are handled by trained Handlers and Instructors in public. All our pups are cared for by our Veterinary partners and receive regular health checks and vaccinations.

Animal Assisted Therapies

Our Therapy Dogs are trained for anxiety interruption, deep pressure therapy, obedience and social skills. Our dogs are specifically selected for our Program because of their intelligence, attentiveness to human emotion, and trainability.

On location, or at our facility

A visit from our Therapy Dogs may include a group setting, a one-on-one therapeutic setting, a workplace or a group home setting. Trained Therapy Dogs are a physical and tactile presence that can help ease anxiety, fear and stress. Children in particular may feel at ease in the presence of a non-judgmental friend who can listen and follow their direction.

Pembroke therapy dogs

Professor Plum

Professor Plum is a gentle giant who never fails to impress children and adults alike. He loves to chase a ball, especially for children, and is equally thrilled to lay with his head in your lap. Professor is large enough to accept hugs and really loves when children read him stories. His large size helps provide a sense of security, and his silky coat is wonderful for tactile grounding.

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September 4, 2017


Great Dane Mix


Deep Pressure Therapy, Anxiety Interruption, Great Listener, Excellent Hugs


Chopper is a wee little dog with a huge personality. He LOVES to play and will make anyone laugh with his silly antics. Chopper excels at making children and adults feel at ease and will happily play in group or one-on-one settings. Because of his small size (about 20lbs) Chopper can safely sit in laps, snuggle on beds and give wonderful hugs, even for small humans.

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May 1, 2021


Medium Poodle


Anxiety Interruption, Tricks and Games, Children’s programs, Excellent Hugs

ottawa valley therapy dogs


Tilly is one of our newest puppies and is already a social butterfly who is popular with children. Because Tilly is still a puppy, we are still learning more about her skills and interests.  So far this fearless little one is a fan of agility and puzzles!


December 25, 2021


Poodle Mix


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