Apply for a Service Dog


For military veterans and first responders, our Service Dogs can be an integral part of reintegration into civilian life. Demand is very high for our highly trained dogs. If you think our Service Dogs may be a fit for you, and your care team has recommended a Service Dog for your needs, give us a call and speak to our Service Dog Coordinator.


We will guide you through the application process and provide regular updates throughout the process.


We are here to support your learning throughout the match process. Both you and your Service Dog in Training will participate in extensive hands-on learning, individually and together to help ensure your match is a success.

Fire Team K9's Service Dogs

are carefully selected for exceptional health, temperament and intelligence
begin training even before they arrive to FTK9
receive comprehensive training in obedience, social skills and specific task training
SDiT receive all veterinary care, grooming and training at no cost to their Foster or their Handler

Benefits of our Service Dogs

can aid a veteran or first responder with reintegration into a civilian lifestyle following a career in service
a SD can work along side and in conjunction with your care team's other mental and physical health recommendations
comes with the backing and support of the FTK9 team
Service Dogs are increasingly recognized as an effective tool for mental and physical health and rehabilitation
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