Join us in Daycare


Give us a call to make an appointment for a Daycare Assessment. One of our qualified staff will meet you and your pup to observe and discuss whether Daycare is right for you and your dog, right now. Assessments usually last about 30 minutes and are scheduled during Daycare hours.


After your Daycare Assessment we welcome you to reserve your pup's first visit. Your dog's first play date with us should be scheduled for 2 to 4 hours for a light introduction to the excitement of Daycare.


Reserve your dates! Book your preferred dates in advance so you and your dog can both enjoy the routine. No time for dog walking on Tuesdays? Make that a Daycare Day! Need a slow and lazy Saturday? Send your pup to Daycare on Fridays. Working 12 hour shifts this week? We have you covered.

Daycare Includes

play time with dogs of different breeds and sizes
supervised and guided play with a variety of humans
consistent practice of the commands we use in Training and Grooming
new activities, theme weeks, seasonal enrichment, and plenty of love

Benefits of Daycare

maintain a healthy weight with regular exercise
improve confidence, agility, and focus
relieve boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home
improve socialization, manners and tolerance of new dogs and people

Daycare Pricing

Daycare Assessment
Half Day
$25+ tax
Full Day
$40 + tax
Loyalty Program
your pup's 11th visit is free!

Tips for the BEST day ever
Please ensure your dog is wearing a flat collar with ID tags. For safety we will remove all other gear, including harnesses, haltis and martingale collars
Most dogs do not need a meal in daycare. If your dog does require a meal, please label your dog's food clearly and provide instructions to accommodate your pet's specific needs
We are always excited to receive new toy or blanket donations, however please refrain from bringing favorite toys and bedding from home; we cannot always guarantee their safe return.
We will ask for current vaccination records for our files. All dogs in daycare must be up to date on core vaccinations plus rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough).
We take a few minutes to answer any questions you have and confirm any additional service requests, like grooming and training appointments
Our goal is to make your pup's stay with us enjoyable, enriching and educational!
480 Boundary Road East Pembroke ON K8A 6L3
Mon - Sat: 9AM - 6PM

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