A day in Daycare

A day in Daycare


6:00 AM to 7:00AM


Each dog is met personally and individually by our staff. We discuss your goals for the day and your dog’s personal belongings are stored in a personalized basket for collection later in the day. Pups enjoy one-on-one time with our staff and gentle play time until everyone arrives.

8:00 AM

Play Time

Morning play will be indoors, or out depending on the weather. Staff will guide dogs in a variety of activities designed to appeal to all their senses, foster confidence, develop social skills, and encourage healthy exercise. Each day’s activities vary, and may include games of fetch, hide and seek, tunneling, agility activities, nose work, chasing games, bubbles, ball pit, and more.

10:00 AM

Adventure Walks

For dogs in Full Day Daycare, Adventure Walks begin. Walk timing will vary depending on the weather and the number of dogs in care that day. There’s plenty to sniff and explore, and our staff will be guiding your dog with leash skills and manners.

11:00 AM

Snuggle Time

After the morning’s active learning and play, staff help all dogs re-engage with humans. Snuggle time, treats, and a gradual slowing down for rest.



Good-bye friends

Our friends who are with us for just a Half Day will head home. Everyone else will be settling in for naps on our comfy mats. Pups of all ages need time to rest and recharge, even at daycare. We’ll play soothing music, and help each pup wind down and relax with massage, hugs and a quiet atmosphere.

1:00 PM

Play Time

Afternoon play is a more social time guided by the weather and the pack, either indoors or out.Our staff help maintain sociable behaviors in the group, and encourage participation to each individual dog’s needs.

During this time, some dogs will enjoy some spa time at our in-house grooming salon. Others may participate in one-on-one training sessions with our trainers to practice their manners, loose leash walking, recall, crate games, and other skills


4:30 PM

Slow Down

We begin to slow down from our active day and encourage everyone to relax and enjoy the company of our staff and their playmates. If we’ve been outside playing, pups will return to the indoor playroom and receive a towel dry, or paw wipe, as needed. 

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Good Bye!

By 6PM all the pups are heading home. Each pup receives a report card from our staff to keep you informed about the exciting things that happened at daycare. Your pup will head home ready for a good dinner and a long night’s sleep. Our staff begins the process of cleaning our facility and preparing for evening classes!